Super Ball Toss Back

Super Ball Toss BackThe Toss Back Board is 16”x16” and has a numbered grid with nine squares on the top. It sits at an angle to the floor providing a surface suitable for returning a ball that is tossed to it. Throwing, catching, and controlling the motion of either one or two super balls while standing on the Belgau Balance Board stimulates the development and enhances the function of brain processes. Maximum brain performance depends on precise inputs through the vestibular, tactile, motor, auditory, and visual systems. Activities with the Toss Back stimulate the integration of these senses vertically, from the brain stem to the cortex, and horizontally, from one hemisphere to the other. This device addresses a variety of brain processing issues by engaging the user in a series of activities that improve brain timing, sequencing, proprioceptive control and body synchronisation.

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