Pendulum Ball

Pendulum BallThe Pendulum Ball is used to stimulate the timing between the two hemispheres of the brain. The ball can be adjusted to different heights allowing the period of the swing to be adjusted. Because the period of the swing is constant at any given length, activities using the Pendulum Ball aid the brain in sensing timing and in developing and refining the sense of timing. Controlling the motion of the ball requires the user to make mental plans, execute those plans, collect feedback and then process the results. When the ability to execute the movement matches the plan devised in the brain, the brain processes employed in conceiving the plan are validated. When the execution of the movement does not match the planned result, the brain engages in a recalibration process that serves as a basis for improving the neural efficiency of the process. Because the ball moves relative to the force applied, it is a valuable feedback device for developing brain structures that process visual space and the motor control of objects in visual space. By incorporating the Belgau Balance Board with the Pendulum Ball, integration between the two hemispheres of the brain as well as the tactile, visual, vestibular and motor systems is achieved.

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